5% For 1 Year
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The FPCM program is a lending opportunity that is secured by commercial real estate. Lenders (your clients) are recorded on title and acquire the first lien position on the mortgage to serve as secured collateral. The second position pays each first position lender immediate monthly interest payments at a fixed annual yield with the return of principal at the end of a short 12 month term. If you have clients that will benefit from this as an alternative to help diversify their portfolio or clients looking for a monthly income stream, please fill out the form and receive your packet to get started.iStock 000023674429 Large

Your clients will enjoy:

  • Funds that are secured by a high-value, hard asset, such as a mixed-use commercial property, investment property, apartment building or office building.
  • Immediate monthly interest payments at a fixed annual yield of five percent (5%) for 1 year.
  • A low loan-to-value ratio of 60% or less, the property’s equity is your client’s collateral.
  • Rigorous due diligence on our part when making lending decisions, ensuring that the property is free of liens; and all appraisals are conducted by licensed, certified and bonded appraisers to ensure the value is in line with true market value.
  • A short, one year commitment so your clients can expect the property to maintain its value.
  • Holding a senior interest, first-position lien on the property.
  • Best of all second position lender is your client’s partner. The second position lender will lend their money along with your client’s and hold a second-lien position – that’s how confident they are in these properties.



*This is an opportunity offered by Safe Money Broadcasting LLC.