Are You Ready for the DOL Fiduciary Rule?

Feeling the pressures of the DOL fiduciary rule and other regulations? Work with a partner that has everything you need, no matter what license you have*.

We have your back. Get exclusive access to all tools you need to make compliant and well-fitting recommendations. Benefit from complete training, solutions, and processes that back you up:

  • First-tier fiduciary training from third-party affiliate
  • Complete software to build compliant, guaranteed client insurance solutions
  • Full suite of DOL-safe consumer educational resources
  • Marketing & advertising systems that are informative, independent, and DOL-ready
  • Comprehensive solutions for all annuity sale documentation requirements
  • Access to low-cost, premier E&O insurance with fiduciary coverage
  • Sophisticated case illustrations for every client situation
  • More efficiency to streamline your practice in the DOL world

Stay independent and keep your commissions intact with our “DOL-proof” solutions! Call us at (800) 790-7791 to get started or to see how these solutions fit into your practice.

Don’t Fall into the Fiduciary Trap!

Don’t be lured by false claims by organizations seeking to fill their recruiting quotas… After all, your business future is on the line. Let’s clear the air on some common scare tactics:

  • You don’t have to get your securities license…
  • You don’t have to tie yourself to an organization that has “financial institution status” for annuity sales…
  • You don’t have to rely on one financial institution for all your annuity business….

The trade-off of working with an underserving IMO, broker-dealer, or registered investment advisor? Reduced independence, slashed commission dollars, and a greatly limited product selection. By choosing us as your partner, you will retain your commission dollars, safeguard your independence, and have access to a wide-ranging product shelf. Call us at (800) 790-7791 to get your seat in this program before it’s too late.

Solutions to Keep Annuity & Life Insurance Sales Rolling

Of course, the DOL rule is just one piece of the puzzle. We realize that at the heart of it, strong relationships are built on first-tier advisor support and accessibility. Come and grow your practice with our other exclusive, business-building benefits:

  • Greater production with 37-touch, plug-and-plug, prospect-to-client marketing system
  • Individualized attention – no “spray and pray” marketing or “one-size-fits-all” support bundles
  • More commissions – we don’t dip into a penny of your commission dollars
  • Comprehensive marketing solutions, no matter what your production level is
  • Complete, no-cost, individualized marketing & advertising support, as production rises
  • And more…

When you have a new case, call us to discuss. Our office line is (800) 790-7791. Don’t hesitate, call us today to get a case illustration, discuss how we can enhance what you’re doing, and get our relationship started. We look forward to speaking with you.

*This offer assumes that advisors and agents have required licensing for annuity and life insurance sales. Must be insurance-licensed in state(s) of business.