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Ian Myers

Ian Myers Digital Marketing ExpertAs a savvy marketing professional, Ian Myers is passionate about helping advisors grow their practices. He draws on over 10 years of experience in communications, digital marketing, public affairs, and business development. Among many strengths, he has been successful in the startup and small-to-medium-sized enterprise space, innovating creative and strategic marketing initiatives across many industries. His achievements include working on and affiliation with public relations projects that have been featured in VentureBeat and CNN Money.

Ian’s experience in the financial industry began in a journalistic capacity. He worked as a staff writer for an investor relations firm representing emerging, small-to-medium cap, publicly traded companies. From there, he has worked with many businesses in an advisory capacity, including with independent financial firms on content development for the retirement planning space.

His marketing acumen spans many areas, including content development, advertising, digital marketing, strategic partnerships, and public relations. On the public affairs side, Ian’s background includes public policy research, political consulting, and working on political campaigns at local, state, and federal levels. Public affairs successes include the election of a U.S. Congressman now at the forefront of Social Security reform and the election of an independently top-rated state legislator within Texas.

A proud Texan, Ian graduated from Ave Maria University in Florida with a degree in Politics and Economics. His responsibilities today include working with Safe Money Resource’s national network of highly-qualified, independent advisors and delivering exceptional educational content to today’s generations of retirees and pre-retirees.