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National Financial Literacy Month Interview with Founder and CEO of SOFA:

Imagine receiving an endorsed referral from a nationally renowned Non-Profit Organization. Recommending you as the local member educator to speak in front of all their employees in regards to financial readiness. Do you think you could create business opportunities with that? What if this non-profit was to contact your church, local university or other organization representing you to speak in front of 100's, even thousands of people. Do you think you could create business opportunities with that?  We believe you can and here's how!

  • Group Events at Companies & Organizations
  • Free Workshops with Absolutely No Selling   
  • Increase Financial Literacy for Your Group  
  • Strengthen Morale & Embolden Participants  
  • Educational, Inspirational, and Rewarding
  • Satisfies ERISA (DOL) 404(c) Requirement

We have partnered with a well-known 501(c)(c) non-profit public benefit corporation. With a combined commitment and mission to provide financial education across America, one community at a time. Founded in 1993, they have been carrying out this mission by providing free educational seminars to companies and organizations across the United States.

By becoming a member you will be making a direct impact on their nationwide mission within your own community. In return you will have created ongoing opportunities to provide professional assistance to those seeking financial help.


Organization-Speaking-Engagements-2Membership includes:

  • Online Membership Profile - non-profit status
  • Transformation Training Program - proven approach for sustainable membership success
  • Access to marketing materials - brochures, flyers, handouts, press releases, etc.
  • Unique Seminar Content - educational and relevant prepackaged PowerPoint presentations
  • Additional resources such as a support staff; webinar calendar, eBooks, etc.
  • Supplemental Programs & Services
  • Coaching Sessions - one on one developmental coaching with Founder

"Jump Start" Program - guaranteed "introduction appointments" between members and company HR Managers with interest in educational workshops.

Our unique ability to come into an organization as a third party and provide a valuable social service at no cost creates a rewarding tradeoff for all parties involved. In order to provide the highest caliber of professionalism and service, our Headquarters take great pride in the development and success of its individual members.

As a new Member, your personal level of engagement, commitment and participation will ultimately determine your overall success. Once your Membership Application is officially processed for screening and eligibility, all new members are required to comply with membership bylaws, compliance guidelines, and go through a mandatory Orientation & Training. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity and we look forward to your membership!

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