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Disney, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Lockheed Martin, the FBI…. ask yourself – how would you like to be invited into organizations such as these? Not only that, but to return, again and again, over your career?

Well, you can. With the Society for Financial Awareness, you can access breakthrough strategies & resources, build meaningful client relationships through community education, and uncover the potential to increase your sales exponentially. Get unique insights from Jim Chilton, Founder and CEO of SOFA, and how he used the power of this nationwide, non-profit educational speaker’s bureau for compelling business growth, in the recording below.

Interview with Jim Chilton, Founder and CEO of SOFA:


  • The story behind how one advisor consistently achieves $6-10 million in annual production through SOFA’s educational seminars alone
  • More about the process that lets you create separation and differentiation between you and the competition
  • Revealed: how SOFA seminars can help you increase your close rate, reduce the number of follow-up appointments, and generate more sales
  • Why non-profit financial literacy workshops are completely different from the typical, high-cost dinner seminar & financial presentations…. and why it matters
  • The secret behind why consumers respond much better to when you’re invited to speak to them… and why it’s often better than dinner seminar hosting
  • Strategies used to be personally invited into the University of California, San Diego college system, which has 38,000+ students and 1,200+ faculty members

Top Production Levels and Strong Client Relationships: SOFA Testimonial from Safe Money Resource

From a business standpoint, it’s clear that SOFA has been a powerful springboard for Jim, say Tommy Dispenza and Brent Meyer of Safe Money Resource. They share their thoughts on what Jim’s involvement with SOFA has meant on many levels, including for Jim’s production, client relationships, case quality, business pipeline, and more.

Tommy Dispenza, Senior Vice President of Annuity Marketing

Safe Money Resource (SMR): Tommy, can you start off by telling us about Jim and our relationship with him? Tommy headshot
Sure thing. We are very proud to call Jim an advisor-partner and a very good friend. We’ve been working with him since 2011. He has consistently been one of our top producers. His attention to detail is exceptional, and it’s clear he focuses on building strong, meaningful relationships with his clients. He really cares about doing the right thing by every client.
SMR: Jim shared with us how SOFA is driving well over 90+% of his business. How being invited as a speaker into these corporations, organizations, places of worship, and other communities has positioned him as a knowledgeable, client-focused financial professional, not as a salesperson. What has this looked like from a production standpoint?
Tommy: Jim is an exceptional producer. He consistently reaches the $7 million range on average, every year. In one year, he attained $10 million in premium. And his business pipeline is constantly filled. Jim has cases in all the time.
SMR: Can you tell us a little bit more about his cases?
Tommy: Sure. Jim always has a consistent, steady flow of cases coming in. They are quality case sizes. I would say that he sends us more case sizes of $400,000 and upwards than other advisors in our network. We talked about how he’s always sending us cases. Rarely a day of the year goes by without Jim sending in something. I would say on average he’s sending 3-4 cases per week. Just the other week, Tyler (one of Jim’s team members) sent 8 cases in one day!
SMR: What about the clientele that Jim is serving?

Tommy: From a net-worth standpoint, he’s consistently serving the needs of clients who fall into high net-worth to affluent demographics. In his applications, people report a net-worth of $1 million and up. So SOFA has enabled him to penetrate that market and to build a strong client base there. I would say he serves a higher percentage of high net-worth clients than most other advisors and agents in our network. Jim’s always emphasizing to me that SOFA is the vehicle that makes all of this a reality for him. We also see lots of applications from existing clients. Jim is nurturing the relationships with his clients all the time. It’s not just a one-time event, a “one-off” once the client has purchased an annuity product. He’s meeting with them for annual reviews, policy reviews, and he’s visiting with them to make sure they are on track with their goals and objectives. It’s all about strong relationships and communication.
SMR: Why does Jim do business with Safe Money Resource?
Tommy: Over the years, we have built up strong trust and confidence. Jim is committed to delivering the highest level of service and solutions to his clients. And as his solutions provider, we are there to help facilitate that. If there’s a problem or issue with the insurance carrier, he knows we’ll go to bat for him. Dealing with the paperwork, getting the business submitted, ensuring he has received his compensation – we work closely with Jim to make sure all of this is taken care of. He is confident we’ll give him top-notch, white-glove service for his practice and for his client relationships. On the client side, we have conversations about what his prospects need. Income, accumulation, something else…. short-term goals, long-term objectives… we listen carefully to what they need and then find the best solutions for each client’s needs, goals, and situation. For our annuity marketing department, finding the best client solution isn’t a marketing spin or even a best practice we follow – it’s an integral way of doing business. Jim and our other advisor-partners know that we take client trust very seriously, and that we’re looking out for their best interest. We’re here to be their product solutions source so they can meet with prospects and cultivate relationships.
SMR: Terrific! Any closing thoughts?
Tommy: Just as client relationships are important, so are the relationships with our advisor-partners. I’m very proud to call Jim a close personal friend. We appreciate his business, his trust, and look forward to working with him in the years ahead. Advisors and agents who are serious about getting more business traction and generating more qualified prospects need to look at SOFA. It’s a powerful prospecting tool for Jim, and it can be the right solution for others as well.

Brent Meyer, Company Owner and President

StandingBrentImageSMR: Tell us a little bit about Jim’s association with SOFA and with Safe Money Resource.
Brent: In my mind, Jim is the epitome of a knowledgeable financial professional looking out for his clients’ best interest. What he has achieved, and continues to achieve with SOFA has been incredible. In the years I have worked with him, Jim has consistently been a top producer with Safe Money Resource. He averages $6-9 million in premium annually, he’s a very strong producer.
SMR: In what ways does Jim stand out from other financial professionals?
Brent: In many ways. For one, the level of trust and credibility he has been able to create and maintain through the SOFA platform. Jim is viewed not only as an educator to the general public but also is highly regarded in the financial services industry. And it goes beyond being seen that way, which it should. As Jim notes often, just 3 out of 100 Americans have a written financial plan. Financial illiteracy is creating unnecessary personal crises here in the United States. He and other SOFA members are working to end that, one community at a time, with their unique, informative financial education workshops. SOFA is a very powerful vehicle, both as a client education medium and as a business prospecting solution.
SMR: What factors do you account for as being drivers in Jim’s success?
Brent: Jim understands how to build and maintain relationships built on trust and knowledge. He is a true believer in education and financial literacy being the driving needs of the consumer. He has the experience and knowledge to fill that need through SOFA. And once he’s built a relationship, he continues to nurture it with ongoing communication and client support.
SMR: As a partner of Safe Money Resource, what does SOFA offer?
Brent: SOFA plays an instrumental role in financial education. It shares that mission with us. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our finances. The world we grow up in here in the United States doesn’t teach financial education. That’s why SOFA is so important, it helps fill that giant need for education and financial literacy. SOFA stands for the same principles as Safe Money Resource. The alliance between SOFA and is one that gives the gift of much-needed, non-biased financial knowledge to every age group in America because it is so important.
SMR: What does it mean to have Jim and SOFA as partners and for Jim to be an independent Safe Money Approved Advisor?
Brent: It’s an association and a friendship of which I am very proud. Jim stands for everything that being a Safe Money Approved Advisor is about. He cares deeply about his clients’ needs, he does business according to a high standard of excellence, and he is extremely knowledgeable.

SOFA plays an invaluable role in helping consumers learn about personal finance and money management fundamentals. It’s an excellent vehicle that those who are serious about growing their practice should look into, Jim and other members have powerful business growth stories to share.

On a personal level, to have Jim’s support and confidence in what Safe Money Resource and stand for means everything to me. I look up to Jim for guidance in this ever-changing industry because of the person he is as well as the experience he has. I consider Jim Chilton to not only be one of the top-producing agents with Safe Money Resource, but also a great friend for whom I have the utmost confidence and respect.

I am grateful for his friendship, his trust, and his business. And I look forward to working with him and SOFA in the times ahead. Again, anyone who is looking to expand their practice needs to speak with SOFA and the opportunities it offers. They are one of a kind. 

We encourage you to embrace this opportunity and we look forward to your membership!

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