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At, we are building the most trusted brand in the financial services industry. We want to thank you for playing the most important role. Thanks to your drive towards excellence, we have been able to leverage and expand our marketing and advertising efforts to a national level.

As we all know, markets go up and markets go down. Eventually the bubble will burst. By working together with, you will have access to many healthy opportunities for was originally launched in 2012 as a comprehensive information resource for investors planning their retirement. Today, it has grown into an online destination with two functions.


  • Providing retirement income education that assists investors in mapping out the right retirement planning strategies to meet their goals, needs and expectations. Guaranteed and Without Risk!
  • Connecting investment shoppers with the most qualified independent financial advisors in the country.

Through our “Safe Money Approved” process and 15 years of industry experience I have brought together the most ethical, trustworthy, and qualified financial advisors across the nation, accessible through a single online portal; This website allows for users to not only educate themselves on safe retirement planning strategies but also provides the questions they need to ask their advisor in order to get the best results.  Advisors cannot purchase a Safe Money approval – they earn it by their actions. “Safe Money Approved” advisors practice under the right principles of diversification. They operate their sales practice with full disclosure – they would rather lose a sale for the right reason than gain a sale for the wrong reason. They look at the client’s entire picture and work directly with Safe Money Resource to come up with the correct plan. This guarantees that the client’s expectations are met.

If you are already working with Safe Money Resource, I would like to thank you for your hard work and support. It most definitely does not work without you. If you are not affiliated with our firm at the present moment, I hope that you will contact us directly and give us the opportunity to show you exactly how much value we bring.  Our team looks forward to the possibility of working with you in the future.

All the best,




Brent Meyer
President and Co-Founder
Safe Money Resource, Inc.