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More and more of your existing customers are using the web for their financial service needs. Customers prefer the convenience, and you prefer the cost savings this automation provides your bottom line. But what is the cost of seeing fewer customers walk in your doors? Are advisors able to discover the sales opportunities with a client they never see? Are you able to provide the customer service that instills brand loyalty in your customers?

Creating New Customers for Life:
Potential new clients are also using the web more frequently to make buying decisions. The web is a great place to research products and services, but with a complex decision such as with financial services and products, it starts to lose its effectiveness.

The Solution: The Safe Money Broadcasting System (SMB)
SMB is a powerful new service that engages online annuity and life insurance information seekers with our top Safe Money Advisors. It replicates the experience of walking into a real office and meeting a financial advisor by matching customers with a local, trusted and qualified Safe Money expert. Safe Money Broadcasting is a third party helping to create new relationships for our ethical partners.

Safe Money Broadcasting empowers you to:

1. Increase Up-sell/Cross-sell Opportunities and Generate Customer Brand Loyalty by providing your online customers the same personal service by which you treat your walk-in customers. This allows you to increase the touch-points with an underserved segment of your customer base - the self-service crowd.

2. Capture More New Customers from Web Activities by making your advice available on your website, you are bringing the same great customer service to your online activities. This engages these prospects in meaninful dialog with you before they even visit a competitor’s website to compare.

How Safe Money Broadcasting.....Works
Safe Money Broadcasting empowers you and the customer!