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AssessBest Vertical LogoSuitability standards, the upcoming DOL rule… staying on top of all these regulations has never been more challenging. Do you have a compliance system in place to meet all of these requirements, justify your recommendations – and STILL be able to sell efficiently?

Introducing AssessBEST – the industry’s most innovative sales and compliance system! It’s the complete solution you have been looking for to offer recommendations aligned with best-interest and suitability standards – proven, affordable, easy-to-operate.

AssessBEST delivers a streamlined, easy-to-use platform at a low annual cost to the advisor. This revolutionary platform was developed by experts in the independent marketing channel and fiduciary and suitability expert Kim O'Brien to give agents the freedom to stay independent, meet ongoing regulatory requirements, sell more effectively and, most importantly, do the right thing for Americans.

Safe Money Resource is a member of the AssessBEST Charter Coalition.  The annual $349 AssessBEST user license is discounted to $199 when you purchase AssessBEST through Safe Money Resource.

AssessBEST offers a 30-day money back guarantee effective immediately at launch date. We only want the most-satisfied licensees.

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