About Safe Money Resource

Small business connection, big business results

Established in 2005 – Safe Money Resource (SMR) Is the most non biased (IMO / FMO) Independent Insurance Marketing Organization supporting only the most qualified and trust worthy licensed financial service professionals.

Given the economic turmoil around the world, consumers require more information on safe money alternatives to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, saving accounts, CDs, and other wealth strategies. Furthermore, top independent financial professionals require the type of training, non biased product selection, back office support and marketing solutions we provide. “Retirement Has Changed, Keep Your Money Safe” & GUARANTEED.

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Take Your Practice To The Next Level

All of us want the freedom to do what we want. It is why many of us went down the independent advisor road. But we all face challenges which complicate business and stunt practice growth. Think about it. What obstacles are holding your practice back?.

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We Work For You

Everyone needs advice they can trust to be accurate. SMR is founded by and built on independent licensed advisors defined by their Integrity, Knowledge, and Ethics since 2005.