Financial Advisor Sales Resources

As a financial professional, you face a number of obstacles in growing your practice: limited time, flows of appointments with qualified prospects, business processes that move relationships forward, extensive paperwork and client management, and ongoing marketing concerns, to name a few.

As a full-service IMO, Safe Money Resource has helped hundreds of independent financial advisors and agents transform their businesses, increase their production, and achieve meaningful career milestones. The only thing that matters? Making you the star in your business. In other words… Helping you maximize your efforts, write more business, be a trusted partner to your clients, increase your reputation in your markets, and reach your preferred lifestyle with your hard-earned time spent.

A complete suite of marketing programs and practice management concepts are available for active advisor-partners of Safe Money. Below are a few complimentary resources to serve as starting points for increasing your book of business.

  • Grow Your Practice with Proven, Full-Scale Marketing & Branding Programs

    marketing programs safe money resource
    Pre-set appointments with qualified prospects. Complete-loop seminar presentations. Best-in-class federal market programs for U.S. Government agencies or individual appointments. Prospecting and referral systems to stop people ghosting you and work with you. Find out more about these programs for every budget, prospecting style, and much more here.

  • 48 Questions to Ask Prospects About Retirement & Win Them as Clients

    In the role of a financial professional, asking questions, listening, and using steering conversation points will help you uncover your prospect’s relationship with money — and their deepest-held financial pain-points. Use these field-tested and proven questions in this thorough appointment guide to get your prospects talking and discover what solutions to offer them.

  • 6 Reasons to Grow Your Business in the $735 Billion Federal Employee Market

    2+ million employees with the Federal Government. 400+ agencies with facilities across the United States. Uniform retirement benefits that offer a tremendous growth opportunity for the right-minded, collaborative advisor. Find out why advisors should explore growing in this market — and how we’re leading the way among IMOs for federal advisors’ success.

  • Updated Tax Guide for Planning with Your Clients and Prospects

    Ever-changing federal income tax brackets and information. Contribution limits to traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, and other qualified employer plans. Crucial retirement contribution information for small businesses and organizations. Capital gains and other niche tax dealings. Help your prospects understand their tax picture, and use this as a helpful reference.