Comprehensive Marketing Support and Solutions

Are you not getting the return-on-investment you need from your marketing? Get the solutions you need, no matter your production level!

The financial services industry is an ever-changing space. Marketing and prospecting themselves have evolved into a completely new ballgame. From direct mail and retirement seminars to content marketing and digital advertising, it can be difficult to know how to leverage different strategies effectively.

When you work with other IMOs, marketing support comes with strings attached. You have to meet certain production requirements — and that’s just for baseline support, like business cards, a logo mockup, or even book stickers. And as your production rises, marketing comes in the form of bundled media packages — that’s not individualized support for your practice!

With Safe Money Resource, get access to complete marketing solutions, from the start. Take advantage of a full wheelhouse of business-building services, all at a fraction of the retail cost you’d pay anywhere else. When you have a case sitting on your desk, call us at (800) 790-7791 to discuss how we can help grow your practice.

Effective Solutions at 33% Retail Cost

The problem with relying upon marketing or advertising companies is the dynamics are different. They don’t have a stake in your success, or in the results they generate. Once you pay them, they go away, no matter how they perform.

Think about it. Marketing services from third-party vendors can run upwards of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. All of our marketing services are available at 33% retail cost — or a third of what you pay with any generic vendor for marketing services. As your production rises, qualify for additional customized marketing AT NO COST!

Work with Safe Money Resource, and you’ve got a partner that is truly invested in your success. After all, we are more successful when we help you be more successful. We have been in the business of helping independent advisors build their practices for 10+ years. Come and take advantage of our business-growing insights. See the full variety of what we offer.

It all begins with an initial phone call, contact us at (800) 790-7791.

Personalized Marketing Support From Day One

With your first piece of business — no matter the size — get a comprehensive, one-on-one consultation with our in-house marketing team. Determine what’s working for you and what areas could be stronger. Then our team will create a customized roadmap for your practice, based on your individual practice needs and objectives.

The goal of this meeting is to see what you’re already doing and not doing, and to pinpoint what we can do to generate more success for you. You’re not another number or another advisor — you’re truly a valued partner.

Don’t wait or put a stopgap on your business growth. Get the resources to turn your practice into a prospecting machine. Call us today at (800) 790-7791 to discuss the annuity and life cases on your desk, and to get started with taking your practice to the next level.