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SafeMoneyHelpSafe Money Resource is a national network of independent 'Safe Money Experts'. 

Given the economic turmoil around the world, consumers are more inclined to search for information on safe money alternatives to banks, mutual funds, Cd's etc. Furthermore, independent financial professionals need the kind of training and back-up support Safe Money Resource can provide.

We are the Safe Money Resource for the consumer and the independent financial services professional; looking out for the best interest of their clients. Integrity, Relationships, Knowledge and Respect define our business as well as the advisors in our network. Safe Money Resource was established for both the financial service professional and the senior and baby boomer communities. We are in business to give you the resources you need to ensure your financial security.

Clients are seeking qualified and trusted advice, and Advisors are looking for qualified clients. We have created SafeMoney.com for people to empower themselves with knowledge and understand what is available to them. We are here to help seniors and baby boomers find the trusted and qualified advice they deserve through our network of financial experts. We only work with the best and most qualified advisors in the financial services industry.

Let us help you make smarter decisions with your hard earned retirement dollars. 
"Retirement Has Changed, Keep Your Money Safe?"®