Download 48-Question Retirement Checklist

    Download Your 48-Question Guide Copy and Convert Prospects to Long-Time Clients:

    Having issues with prospects disappearing on you, not returning your calls, or just with converting new clients in general? Download this free guide of 48 questions on retirement, income planning, annuities, and retirement, and help your prospects:

    • Realize that their retirement may not be as secure as they think it is.
    • Recognize that maybe their advisor isn’t having the conversations that matter with them about retirement.
    • Challenge their perspective and think about retirement in a new way — and how they need your expertise
    • See costly fees, limits, and handcuffs in their existing annuity that may be costing them, big time.
    • Understand they have risks that they didn’t think they did — and why annuities help close the gap.
    • Change their perception of you and establish you as a problem-solver with whom they want to do business.

    Having a game plan for asking the right questions is a huge differentiator. It can be the difference between having prospects continue to ghost you and closing new deals, again and again.

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