Increase Your Production with This Complete Platform

Are you looking for a presentation system that can be adapted for webinars or in-person seminars, and that covers the topics that are of deep concern to retirees and pre-retirees right now?

What about a program that gives you EVERYTHING you need to be successful, including:

  • The entire presentation content & scripting to carry out your in-person or digital events?
  • A simple and implementable process for making the most of your appointments from your marketing?
  • Templates for setting and keeping your appointment meetings flowing post-event?
  • Hundreds of questions to ask your prospects about annuities and retirement to steer conversations?
  • Small, helpful talking points to zero in on what really matters to your prospects — and how you can solve those pain-points with contractual guarantees.

If you are serious about committing to a new path and doing business with a brokerage that puts you and your clients’ interest first, then this might be the opportunity for you. For producers who meet certain requirements and commit to working with our company, a unique opportunity is awaiting you: this complete system, which gives you everything from the presentation content to steering points so you can maximize every effort post-marketing.

    Yes, I am Committed to Doing Business with You & Moving Contracts for the Presentation System and Using It to Generate Prospects!
    Ready to meet with more prospects via virtual or in-person event marketing? If you are serious, truly willing to move contracts, work together, and are looking for an A-Z system, then fill out the form below. SERIOUS ADVISORS ONLY.

    What Is Your Presentation About?

    With continuing low interest rates, never-before-seen liquidity injections from the federal government, economic uncertainty, and unsettled markets, retirement savers have three big issues weighing on their minds:

    • Inflation & how it will affect their money’s purchasing power.
    • Increasing taxes & effects on lifelong retirement income.
    • Market volatility & risks to hard-earned retirement assets from lifelong work.

    Our presentation goes over these topics in depth, touching directly on the financial matters that are of crucial importance to your target prospects. Talk about how taxes, inflation, market volatility, healthcare costs, and not saving for retirement can affect your prospects’ financial future.

    We’ll visit these important topics and other concepts in an overall presentation narrative of “5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Retirement Lifestyle.”

    Adaptable for Different Business Needs

    Depending on the type of event and venue you want to pursue — whether digital or physical settings — this presentation can be adapted for one event or multiple sessions. A quick overview of other things covered:

    • Three major questions that every retirement investor should answer before departing their careers.
    • Why today’s generation faces retirement challenges that are very different from those that prior generations had.
    • Just how Social Security benefits are changing as tens of millions retire.
    • Finding the right “retirement funding combination” for your goals.

    This branded presentation platform is very versatile: You can use this in webinars or seminars; in one dinner presentation or a multiple-class format; and in dinner venues, colleges, or library settings.

    Whether you are an advisor offering only fixed annuities or including annuities as part of a complete financial strategy, there is value here for multiple types of practices.

    While you aren’t required to do this, defined partnerships with two mail houses that are long-time vendors in the space have been created for your convenience. You can also take advantage of our specially branded folder presentation kits to make a powerful impression with your audience and cultivate a meaningful foundation.

    How Do I Join This Program?

    At Safe Money, we recognize that many advisors and agents are coming back into their business after the aftermath of the past year-and-a-half. Our team has built this program to make this accessible to qualifying producers with lower entry-level requirements than other programs in the annuity / life IMO space mandate.

    Once you are a member of this program and have met our requirements, we’ll give you an industry-unique opportunity: the chance to leverage a national brand on your behalf, and build on the credibility of our brand that’s been featured in 84+ million households across the U.S.

    Nowhere will you have the opportunity to take advantage of this — and hundreds of sales tools, resources, and third-party credibility — as Safe Money Resource offers you with our partner independent consumer brand,

    To qualify for this platform that gives you everything from A-Z, you must be willing to commit to the following:

    • Moving contracts over with our core annuity companies to offer premium solutions to your prospects.
    • Join our advisor program with our platform and leverage our community.
    • Sign a binding agreement to keep our 100% proprietary seminar content, hundreds of annuity talking points & questions, and appointment-setting templates to just our business. Period.
    • Demonstrated commitment do business with Safe Money Resource and maintain an ongoing relationship with our brokerage so we can help you maximize your success.

    Not every advisor who inquires about this will be accepted. If you are truly serious about growing your business and taking the steps to make things happen, don’t look any further.

    Complete the form on this page for more information, or call us directly at (800) 790-7791. Thank you, we look forward to being of service to you.